Free Photo Viewer

Free Photo Viewer 1.3

Image viewer and manager
View your photos individually or as a slideshow. Organize your photo collection and perform basic editing tasks like color adjustments or image rotation. Works with pretty much every image format existent and displays complete EXIF information.

Free Photo Viewer does exactly what its name suggests. However, it also allows you to organize your photo collection and displays it as a slideshow. Besides, you can use this software to perform basic editing operations.

The most important thing to consider when evaluating a program of this type is how many formats it supports. Luckily, Free Photo Viewer can display virtually any picture format currently used, including RAW - the source format used by most cameras. A second aspect to consider is how fast an application can process an image so that there is no excessive waiting time.

Fortunately again, the tool is quite fast at doing this, and it even allows making some adjustments so that this is not affected when you're using a low-performance computer. Besides displaying images, the program also lets you inspect such metadata as a date and size as well as the EXIF info. Moreover, it lets you rotate images and adjust color, contrast and brightness.

The tool is definitely very easy to use. In fact, manipulating files isn't any more difficult than using the system’s built-in explorer. Regrettably, I'm sorry to say that its graphical user interface is no match for those of other similar applications as it looks quite old-fashioned and unimaginative. It is also a shame that the help documentation is really poor and badly organized.

In general, Free Photo Viewer is a program I wouldn't recommend. While it is true that it works just as expected and is completely free, there are other much better tools with the same purpose out there.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is very easy to use
  • It is light and free
  • It supports multiple picture formats
  • It allows viewing pictures as a slideshow


  • It has an unimaginative interface
  • The help documentation is poor
  • It doesn´t support as many features as other similar tools
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